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Top 10 Commercial Roofing Problems

Commercial roofs can experience a number of problems over time, which is why it is important to know the top problems—so that you can detect a small area in need of repair before it becomes a major emergency.

    1. Poor Installation: If your roof isn’t properly installed by a professional roofer, the likelihood of problems increases and your roof’s lifespan decreases.

    2. Age: How long should your roof last? Each roof is unique but most new roofs come with warranty coverage ranging from 5-30+ years, depending on materials and the manufacturer.

    3. Improper Roofing Materials: Different types of buildings require different materials. Using improper roofing materials can not only cause problems, they can lead to fires and/or structural damage.

    4. Standing Water: Standing water on a roof, also called ponding, could be due to clogged drains, poor roof design, or poor installation. This standing water can deteriorate the roof, ultimately cause leaks, and over time can cause roof failure.

    5. Blow-offs or Reduced Wind Uplift Resistance: As wind flows over a roof, pressure above the roof’s surface decreases while internal air pressure increases due to air infiltration through cracks and openings in the building. This change in pressure creates suction known as “wind uplift” which can pull off weak roof materials.

    6. Post-Installation Punctures: Anything added or removed from your roof post-installation can have catastrophic results if not sealed properly.

    7. Faulty Flashing and Pitch Pans: Most roof leaks are from improperly installed flashing or from holes that develop from flashing expansion and contraction. Improperly installed or maintained pitch pans (used as a seal around pipes coming through a roof) will allow water to run down a pipe and into the roof.

    8. Trade Contractor Damage: HVAC and other rooftop systems require regular maintenance and occasional repair work. Unfortunately, these trade contractors may damage the roof and/or leave debris behind.

    9. Debris: Manmade trash (that may have blown up from nearby dumpsters) or natural debris like tree leaves and twigs may accumulate and clog your building’s rain gutters.

    10. Lack of Maintenance: The most common commercial roof problem we encounter is a lack of maintenance. Don’t overlook a small problem. It is not going to solve itself and it will likely increase in severity.

“Standing water on a roof, also called ponding, could be due to clogged drains, poor roof design, or poor installation.”

Partnering with the Right Roofing Company is Crucial

Due to the highly specialized nature of each commercial roof, it is important for commercial building owners, managers, and maintenance personnel to know what to look for and when to contact a roofing company. At Reset Roofing, we bring knowledge and experience in metal roofing, shingles, tile, flat roofing and more to some of Georgia’s largest retailers, businesses and venues. We specialize in free estimates and insurance inspections, new roofing systems, leak repairs, and new gutter systems. Whether you need help with a small roofing repair or a full commercial roofing installation, give us a call at 770-415-4570 or contact us online.

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