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Are Your Home’s Gutters Prepared for Fall and Winter?

Properly functioning gutters provide valuable protection for your home by catching rainwater as it flows down your roof, directing it into downspouts, and then dumping it safely away from your home’s foundation. Unfortunately, your home’s interior and exterior can suffer serious damage if itsgutters are leaking, holding standing water, or are not securely fastened. Mild autumn days are the perfect time to ensure your home’s gutters are ready for the fall and winter seasons.

Clean and Inspect

Flush out debris from your gutters and downspouts with a high-pressure spray from a garden hose. To give your gutters a deep cleaning, put on a pair of gloves and wipe them all down with a sponge and warm, soapy water. While you are cleaning you can inspect for sagging sections, loose screws/downspouts, and leaks. Repairing small damaged areas now is a much better option than being faced with a big surprise during the depths of winter or come spring.

Trim Tree Branches

Tree branches may have grown over your roof or gutters during the summer months. This means that their leaves, twigs, nuts, and seeds may now be dropping or blowing onto your roof. They can then gather and clump, leading to clogs and damaged troughs. Take time to trim all overhanging branches back away from your home’s roofline to keep your gutters free from their debris.

“Repairing small damaged areas now is a much better option than being faced with a big surprise during the depths of winter or come spring.”

Call Reset Roofing

The state of your home’s gutter system is important, especially during the fall and winter months. If your gutters are sagging, leaking, or damaged, or your downspouts are broken or missing, it’s time to think about gutter replacement. Gutters and roofing components go hand in hand and should have professional yearly inspections. Professional roof inspections provide you with a full report on your gutters’ and roof’s condition, including information about how many years of life are likely left, and estimates for repairs or replacement. Getting a yearly inspection is the smartest way to ensure you don’t run into problems come winter. Schedule a roof and gutter inspection with Reset Roofing today to detect any problems. If necessary, you can then quickly schedule repairs so your mind will be at ease this winter.

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