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Skylights in Norcross, GA

Skylights are a light-permitting window, usually made of translucent glass, that is attached to the roof space. Vaulted ceilings in homes create an updated and comfortable open space for families. Skylights are a great way to make a low ceiling feel more open by allowing the view of the sky. Homeowners can view the stars in a bedroom or watch passing clouds. A skylight on these types of ceilings add a beautiful way to let natural sunlight into a home. Skylights can change the overall feel of the interior of your home but if not installed correctly can easily cause leaks and damage to the interior of the home.

Our trained professionals install Skylights in Norcross Georgia with corresponding manufacturer provided flashing kits. In most cases we use the top rated and number 1 selling skylight manufacturer Velux. Skylights add a unique touch to Norcross Georgia homes.

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