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Severe hailstorms are reported throughout the year in Roswell, GA. These storms can bring heavy winds, rain, falling debris like tree limbs and hail. It is important to know where hail and high winds are tracked. These types of weather elements can cause significant roof damage to your Roswell home, but may not be visible from the ground. High winds can weaken the integrity of your shingles. Weakening a shingle can cause a shingle to blow off. Missing shingles leave portions of the roof exposed to weather elements. When a shingle is damaged, it is no longer working properly and leads to leaks, and interior damage.

Hailstones are not smooth but have rough edges and can pierce through or damage the shingle mat on the shingles. Hailstones hitting asphalt shingles causes the granules to dent or fracture the fiberglass matting which affects the function of the roof shingle and surface and causes it to age prematurley.

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