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Professional Roof Install in Lawrenceville, GA.

Complete roofing systems include multiple elite products that are installed with detailed precision branded only by the shingle manufacturer you choose. After tearing off the current shingles, our professional technicians will check for rotten plywood decking and if damaged replace it with new sheets to ensure the proper base layer. Drip edge is a product that is installed at all the eaves and rakes covering the construction gap on your Lawrenceville home.

Ice and water shield or advanced leak barriers are an important next step to be installed at all the valleys, penetrations, low slopes, walls and chimneys. The underlayment is a synthetic material that will be placed on top of the ice and water shield. At this point the roof is prepped and ready for shingles.

Universal starter course shingles are installed at all the eaves and rakes on the home and then the field shingles are used. To cap off the hips and ridges on the home in Lawrenceville, we use quality hip and ridge caps like GAF Timbertex and Seal-A-Ridge shingles and Certainteed Shadow Ridge shingles designed specifically for the hips and ridges of your home.

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