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The Importance of Cleaning your Gutters

In order to keep your home both looking and feeling young, keeping up with the maintenance of your gutters is essential. Having your gutters cleaned is something people often overlook because it is something that may not be a visible issue to you.

Importance of Cleaning Gutters

What is the purpose of gutters?

Gutters are what keeps rainfall away from your home. They are installed around the edges of your roof to collect water. They then channel this water to downspouts in order to direct the water away from your walls, foundation and roof. This ensures there will be no damage caused to your house due to rainfall. Without gutters, rain would pool around your home, causing erosion, flooding and even structural damage over time.

Gutters also play an important role in protecting the exterior of your home. Gutters prevent water from running down the sides of the house. This could lead to rotting, staining and peeling of the siding, paint or any other materials on the exterior of your home.

You may be surprised to know that gutters also prevent soil erosion and damage to your landscaping. Gutters prevent excessive moisture which may harm plants and trees surrounding your home.

Do I need to clean out my gutters?

Your gutters should be cleaned, preferably by a professional, at least twice a year. Most homeowners prefer to have their gutter cleaning done in the spring and fall. Making sure they are cleaned out with no leaves or tree branches in the spring prepares them for the large amount of rainfall they may have to deal with. This will prevent costly repairs in the future.

Cleaning your gutters is important for several reasons. Making sure they are clear of leaves and other debris will allow for water to flow freely through them. If water cannot flow, water could potentially overflow and cause damage to your home’s foundation.

Additionally, gutters help maintain the integrity of your roof. If water is to get backed up in the gutters, it will sit there and eventually seep through causing deterioration, leaks and money spent on repairing your gutters.

When gutters become clogged due to build up of leaves, they turn into the perfect breeding ground for mold growth and mildew. This will cause damage to your home and even pose potential harmful risks to your family.

If your gutters start to pull away from your home, they may end up needing to be fully replaced. That happens when your gutters fill up and get too heavy. If you have them cleaned, you will be increasing the lifespan of your gutters.

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Who will clean my gutters?

Simply searching “Rain gutter cleaning near me” or for example “Gutter cleaning Atlanta” is a great way to go about the beginning research steps in the gutter cleaning process. See who offers gutter cleaning services in your area and then take it another step and read their reviews. Make sure the company you pick can be trusted and are experts in the field. Picking someone you can trust is important when it comes to the care of your home. Whether you have back gutters, white gutters, copper gutters or aluminum gutters, they all need to be cleaned of debris and other buildup to ensure they can function properly.

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