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Don’t DIY!: Partner with Reset Roofing for Repairs and Replacement

You may be considering a DIY roofing project to save some money, but in the long run, it is unlikely that will actually happen. A mistake as small as one improperly installed shingle can lead to future repairs that will cost you more than if you would have initially hired a professional roofing contractor.

    Knowledge and Experience

    Professional roofers are trained to understand roof systems, components, and proper installation techniques. They know how to use the correct equipment and apply their training and experience to each project. A licensed roofing contractor will inspect your roof deck and all components for signs of damage during tear off and installation. You will likely not be able to spot problem areas without experience and training.

    Liability, Insurance, and Warranties

    Your home insurance won’t cover any damage you do to your roof by trying to repair it yourself without proper knowledge and skill. You will then have a bigger problem than you started with and have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. Professional and reputable roofers will fix their mistakes without additional charges to you and they also have insurance to cover any unlikely damages they may cause. DIY roof repair also means you won’t be protected from product and labor warranties. A professional roofing company offers a warranty on their labor and shingle manufacturers offer warranties on their products. You will forfeit both of these layers of protection with DIY work.

    Materials, Tools, and Safety

    DIYers often buy the wrong materials or the wrong amount of materials. A professional roofer knows exactly what and how much they need. You also will need to rent tools such as nail guns, extension ladders, safety harnesses, and safety helmets for your project—all items professional roofers already possess. These rentals are expensive, but forgoing the proper equipment puts your safety at great risk.

“A professional roofer knows exactly what and how much they need.”

Partner with Reset Roofing for Repairs and Replacement

Your roof is one of the largest investments you will make in your home and your first line of defense against water damage. When you partner with Reset Roofing you can have peace of mind knowing your roof has been repaired or replaced to the highest standards, is up to current building codes, and is free of potentially serious structural problems or hidden damages. Whether you are looking for a new roof or your roof is in need of repairs, the Reset Roofing team is equipped with extensive knowledge and comprehensive industry experience. Call us at 678-730-5253 or contact us through our online form to discuss your roofing needs today!

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