Your Summer Roof Inspection Checklist

Summer brings sunny, warm days that we love spending outdoors with family and friends, but the season also brings extreme weather conditions, including heat, humidity, thunderstorms, and heavy winds that can be especially hard on your home’s roof. In an effort to help keep your roof in top shape this summer, the Reset Roofing team has put together a quick summer roof inspection checklist for you.

Safety First

To ensure your safety, each of these maintenance tasks should be performed from the ground. If you spot a problem, we recommend that you contact us to climb onto your roof to perform the repair or maintenance. We also recommend wearing work gloves and using a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at your roof.

Inspect Shingles, Flashing, and Eaves

Inspect your roof’s shingles to make sure none are lifted, missing, cracked, curling, dented, or covered in any type of fungal or moss growth. Inspect the flashing (metal strips) around the chimney, skylight, vents, and other roof protrusions. Any damage to your roof’s shingles or flashing make them more likely to come loose or break off in a summer storm, exposing your roof to water damage. Inspect the underside of eaves for debris accumulation. If debris has gathered, remove it but be cautious since this is a favorite spot for stinging insects to build their nests.

Inspect and Clean Gutters

Storms can frequently loosen your home’s gutters. Inspect them all to make sure their bolts are tightened, they have no gaps or damages, and that they are properly angled to divert water away from the house. Check that the gutters, downspouts, and roof drains are free of clogs and leaks by using a hose to run water through the gutters.

Trust the best in the business—Reset Roofing

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