Will Your Roof Survive the Winter?

Cold winter weather is coming to Georgia—will your roof survive? Taking care of your roof now can minimize damage and help you to avoid costly mid-winter repairs. Take a look around your home and ask yourself these questions to determine if you need to have roof repairs or a roof replacement before winter weather hits.

How old is your roof?

While younger roofs can have problems, an older roof is more likely to fail. Look for smooth dark areas on your shingles and loose granules in your gutters, both clear indicators that your roof is getting older. Consider replacing your roof if it is more than 20 years old.

What is the status of your shingles and sheathing?

Check that all of your shingles are intact and undamaged. Missing, damaged, bulking, and curling shingles are in need of immediate professional repair or replacement. In your attic, inspect the underside of your roof’s sheathing (the connection between the shingles and rafters) for water stains or moist areas.

Is your flashing damaged?

Just like damaged shingles, damaged flashing (where the roof connects to skylights, chimneys, windows, vents, etc.) can also lead to leaks. In your attic, look for sunlight coming through areas under your chimney and around vents. If sunlight can come in, so can water.

Are your gutters clogged?

Moisture will be coming down on your house in all forms this winter. All of that moisture will drain off of your roof and into your gutters. Clean gutters allow water to freely flow through them but clogged gutters hold moisture and water. When cold weather arrives, this build up of water and debris can freeze and lead to ice dams, putting added stress on your roof.

How healthy is your siding?

Your home’s roofing and siding are very closely connected. If you begin to have problems with one, you will likely start having problems with the other. Be sure to inspecting the siding around the roof line of your home while performing your roof inspection.

Schedule a Professional Inspection with Reset Roofing

You can do a quick inspection of your roof yourself, but a professional roofing technician is trained to find and identify problems you may overlook. Let us help you get your roof ready for winter weather! Schedule your roofing inspectionwith Reset Roofing today and then rest easy when the harsh winter weather arrives!

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