New Roof FAQs

If you are contemplating replacing your roof, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. Here are a few of the top questions we are asked concerning new roofs:

When should I replace my roof?

How to determine if your roof needs replacing:

  • Age: Most roofing will last between 20‒30 years. If your roof is approaching this age (or is older than this), it may be time to replace.
  • Leaks: If you see stains on interior walls or ceilings or there is evidence of water damage to rafters or plywood sheathing, you should consider replacing your roof.
  • Appearance: If you can see sunlight coming through the roof boards; your roof’s shingles are missing; or the shingles have begun to curl, break, buckle, or warp, your roof probably needs replacing.

What are my options if I decide to reroof?

You have two basic options when you decide to reroof: A complete replacement, (including tear-off of your existing roof system) or a re-cover of your existing roof system. Installing new shingles on top of your old roof may be cheaper, faster, and require less labor, but only if your current roofing system is completely problem free. Also, a re-cover is not always possible due to building code, safety requirements, and/or layers of existing shingles.

Can I replace my roof myself?

While you may be able to save money with a majority of home improvement projects when you do them yourself—roofing work is not one of them! You can harm your roof with improper roofing techniques and easily harm yourself. Trust a professionally trained and experienced roofing contractor with your roof replacement.

How long will my new roof last?

Modern roofing systems are constructed to last approximately 20 years (with well maintained clay tile, slate, and copper lasting much longer). A variety of factors can affect your roof’s life including: local climate and environmental conditions; quality of original construction,installation, and design; quality ofmaterials used (take a close look and compare product warranties), and proper maintenance and repairs.

What does a new roof system cost?

Keep in mind that price must be balanced with a variety of other factors such as quality of materials, skill of contractor and crew, the location and size of your home, accessibility to the roof, and average labor rates for your area and time of year.

Trust Reset Roofing Experts

At Reset Roofing, we constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectationsand only employ the highest quality craftsmen in the Metro Atlanta market. Contact us if you are in need of a roof replacement or to schedule a regular routine roof inspection today—together we can protect your home!

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