Autumn is the Best Time for a Roof Inspection

As your home’s first line of defense against storms and extreme weather, your roof needs regular inspections to detect small problems before they become major damages. While any time of the year is better than never, there are a few good reasons why autumn is the best time for a roof inspection.

Between Extreme Weather Seasons

Summer heat and humidity and winter elements (snow, ice, cold temperatures) can damage and break down your roofing material. Having your roof inspected between these two seasons will ensure that any summer damages can be repaired before winter arrives with its own set of damaging conditions.

Plenty of Time to Perform Repairs Before Winter Weather

Some roof repairs (especially replacement shingles) take time to set, seal, and become airtight. Performing these types of repairs in the fall allows time to construct that weather barrier before winter weather arrives.

Longer Days = Full Work Days

Autumn’s sunny days and mild temperatures make roof access easier and safer for inspections. If you do need repairs or a replacement, longer days equate to longer work hours, whereas shorter days in the winter and spring mean shorter work days and longer project completion timelines.

Schedule Your Autumn Roof Inspection with Reset Roofing

Homeowners may be able to detect obvious roof problems (missing or flapping shingles) with their naked eye from the ground, but a roofing professional is specially trained to climb on a roof and detect issues that are not visible to the untrained eye. Ignoring or skipping your autumn roof inspections could lead to much larger problems, like structural issues, insulation damage, and mold growth. If roof problems are neglected in the fall, the cold months can then exacerbate these problems, leaving you with costly roof repairs or possibly the need to replace entire sections if the damage is significant. Early detection of problems will save you from major headaches (and costs) down the road. At Reset Roofing, if we find any problems during our inspection, we will explain your options and assist you in making an informed decision that meets your budget and goals. Plus, not only does our team have an extensive understanding about roofing, but we also know how to work with insurance companies and assist with your insurance claims. Schedule your roof inspection with Reset Roofing to alleviate any concerns you may have about the state of your roof, to ensure that your roof is safe, and give yourself peace of mind.

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